Uncovering the Secrets of Spanish Florida

It is still dark when Spain’s Archivo General de Indias opens its doors in late December. At this time of the year, morning temperatures in Seville can be chilly, a welcome contrast to the staggering heat of the city’s long summer months. This morning I can see my breath as I begin the 20-minute walk to the archive, winding through narrow streets and quiet plazas lined with orange trees. When I turn the corner at the end of Calle Don Remondo, I catch my first glimpse of St.

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‘FIRST’ CITY: St. Augustine might have hosted country’s first St. Patrick’s Day parade

While reading centuries-old Spanish documents, history professor Michael Francis found something surprising: Evidence that St. Augustine had a parade for St. Patrick before anyone else in the country and perhaps beyond.

“It was one of those wow moments,” Francis said.

The documents indicate that St. Augustine residents publicly celebrated St. Patrick in 1600 and 1601, including a parade that well predates parades in New York and Boston.

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Expertos en mestizaje de ocho universidades firman un protocolo con El Cabildo

El deán presidente del Cabildo Catedral de Córdoba, Manuel Pérez Moya, ha presentado este lunes en la Sala Capitulares de la Mezquita-Catedral a un protocolo firmado por ocho universidades y entidades con el fin de colaborar en la promoción de la Cátedra del Mestizaje Universal de la Universidad de Málaga y el Instituto Nauta siempre con la intención de poner en valor el legado histórico español.

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