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“Juan Joseph Eligio de la Puente. Plano de la real fuerza… de San Agustin, January 22 1764. Museo Naval, Madrid.”

Juan Joseph Elixio de la Puente’s eighteenth-century plan of St. Augustine is housed in the Museo Naval in Madrid, Spain. Dating to early 1764, the Puente map plots the city of St. Augustine by properties and their owners on the eve of evacuation, when Spanish Florida was transferred to British rule. Scroll over a property to learn more about the owner, the building materials used in construction, and the property’s dimensions. Want to learn more about a property owner? Click on their name to access their People profile.


“Alonso de la Cruz. Dibujo del golfo de México y costa de Nueva España…, ca. 1544. AGI MP 1.”

Attributed to Alonso de la Cruz, this remarkable map dates to 1544 and is housed in the General Archive of the Indies in Seville, Spain. Popularly known as the “Soto map,” this rendering of the southeastern portion of the United States is one of very few colonial-era maps that lists the names and locations of Native American settlements. Scroll over each place name to see if you recognize any of the names!


Ongoing projects include an interactive adventure using the Celi map of the Tampa Bay area and the Boazio map featuring Sir Francis Drake’s attack on St. Augustine.