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about La Florida

La Florida: The Interactive Digital Archive of the Americas is a unique collaborative initiative, combining innovative historical research with cutting-edge technology. The site offers users a multidisciplinary perspective of colonial Florida’s rich history, a history that extends far beyond what we think of as ‘Florida’ today. La Florida houses a searchable and comprehensive population database, along with other content that blends interactive maps, images, videos, documents, and more. As an open access site, we invite researchers from around the world to explore the lives of the thousands of men and women who shaped Florida’s colonial past.

La Florida is a dynamic site, with exciting new content added regularly. The collaborative nature of this project brings together historical content and technical innovation in ways we could not have imagined a decade ago.

At La Florida, we are committed to building an enduring site that will:

  • Promote innovative new scholarship on the history of colonial Florida, and its place in US and world history
  • Develop technologically advanced learning material to make primary sources accessible for all users
  • Provide unique research and publishing opportunities for students and scholars
  • Build institutional partnerships and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Engage a global audience through thought-provoking research and creative technology
  • Create. Engage. Interact


    Life and Death in Colonial St. Augustine, the first exhibit, houses more than 6,000 pages of original parish records dating back to 1594


    Meet thousands of men and women who lived during Florida’s colonial period. Uncover the personal stories of Native Americans, Africans, and Europeans who made Florida home

    Mapping La Florida

    Explore La Florida’s changing landscape through interactive maps. Wander the streets of eighteenth-century St. Augustine or journey across the southeastern United States with Hernando de Soto

    Florida Stories

    Watch a series of video shorts introducing the men and women who shaped Florida’s past

    Junior Scholars

    You are never too young (or too old) to begin your exploration of colonial Florida history


    Read and watch the latest news. Keep up to date with La Florida’s most recent additions and features, and see what we have planned for the future