junior scholars

Write in Historic Spanish Script

Welcome to junior scholars! (Can you keep a secret? It's for adults too).

At La Florida, we believe that the study of the past belongs to everyone. Junior scholars is designed to encourage a new generation to engage with Florida's colonial history, providing educational tools, games, problem-solving activities, pirate tales, and unsolved mysteries, all based on real events. Our content is designed for people of all age groups.

Using unique fonts, developed directly from original historical documents, send messages in 16th, 17th, or 18th century script. Simply select a century, draft a message, and hit send. See who can unravel its content and master the skill of deciphering ancient handwriting.

Stay tuned as we add more educational and interactive content, including a game where sharp-witted participants attempt to decipher real coded messages from Spain's 16th-century ambassador in London, as he sends secret instructions to help you defend your town from a pirate assault.